What Has Google Ever Done for Online Gaming

The dismissed rumours of Google purchasing bwin.party aside, it is worth taking a look at what online gaming owes to search engine and online industry giant Google.


When rumours emerged that Google might be about to purchase the shares of bwin.party, people started speculating as the search engine company had no previous known affiliation with online gambling whatsoever; in fact, they have recently applied very strict policies regarding real money gaming software distributed via their Play store for the mobile devices. While the news turned out to be false, it is indeed worth taking a look at Google’s role in the industry.

Google is currently the second largest technology company in the word and its only match is Apple as far as stock value is concerned, as topcasinos.com reports. It is clear the company has long since been much more than a search engine, contributing to our daily lives in many ways. Considering online gaming, the first and most important thing to mention is Android; with over 750 million devices active around the world, the platform serves as the most straightforward means of gambling on the go, a market segments that has been displaying an incredible increase in the past years.

A wide selection of applications is offered to players to play poker and casino games and to place bets anytime, anywhere. Beyond doubt, Google’s mobile operating system contributed a great deal towards the spread of online gaming, both on mobile devices and in general.

Secondly, the most popular online video sharing portal is YouTube, also a courtesy of Google. It is clearly the easiest and most convenient way to get to know online rooms, games and techniques with all the reviews, guides and shows uploaded. It is also an excellent channel to promote certain offers and operations, like new game releases or upcoming tournaments, in addition to getting information and mastering gaming skills.

Last but not least, Google’s primary function is still searching, leading online operators to optimise their sites and offerings to rank the highest on the results page. This promotes a healthy competition and serves the best interests of the players, as rooms do try to provide the best possible offers.

What else do you think Google has done for online gaming?