World Cup Gamblers ‘Smoking Vulture Brains’ to Beat Bookies

With the World Cup 2010 starting today, bookies are getting ready to cash in on the multimillion dollar betting industry which is tired to the game. With the odds stacked up-against them, gamblers who place bets at the World Cup usually base their betting decisions on knowledge of the game and sometimes just rely on quick guess. But some gamblers believe they can improve their chances of predicting match results and have turned to South African voodoo magic in order to do so.

South African Vultures
South African Vultures

It is claimed by smoking the endangered South African Vulture brains it will give the user visions of the future. The so called custom stems from a traditional medicine in South Africa known as muti. The dried out brain of the vulture is said to sell for around $6.50 for a tiny vial of it.

Being already endangered species because of lack of food and poisoning, this is just adding to the bird’s quick annihilation. Steve McKean, from KwaZulu-Natal Wildlife, who has been studying the rapid decline in the vulture’s numbers, said 'Our research suggests that killing of vultures for so-called "traditional" use could render the Cape Vulture extinct in some parts of South Africa within half a century.'

I think gamblers have gone too far with this one.

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