Zynga Texas Hold’em Might Provide Real Money Games in the Future

Zynga, the most successful application creator has signed another five-year contract with Facebook. Zynga has countless other successful applications available on Facebook, including titles, such as Mafia Wars, Farmville and CaféWorld. Over 65 million people play their games every day, and this is only the Facebook users.

Zynga Poker

Developers like Zynga are able to write any software and application for Facebook, which gets easily publicised through the enormous and ever-growing community of people on the biggest community network. For example, if we install the Zynga Texas Hold’em application on Facebook, we will be able to challenge not only our friends, but also relatives overseas and the friends of our friends.

The poker application itself is quite simple, but very enjoyable. In order to minimize legal issues in America, the producers decided to only make it available in play money in the beginning. Following the passage of HR 2267, however, Zynga has been reported to be considering making real money games available for Facebook users.

According to businessinsider.com, informed by a source close to Zynga  "the company is keeping an eye on the legislation, and that it would be excited to move into real-money poker given the opportunity."

On top of that, Zynga and Google have recently announced a partnership that will enable Zynga to provide games on a brand new 'Google Games', waiting to be launched later in 2010. Google has also been reported to have made a considerable investment in the company.