Breathtaking Pools - Top 5

We still have about one month to enjoy the hot summer weather, and in this post I would like to recommend five of the coolest places to the lovers of exclusive swimming pools.

Any millionaire would look good on the side of the Neptune Pool, the outdoor swimming pool of Hearst Castle. The complex was built by William Randolph Hearst in the 1920s.

The Neptune Pool

In the case of bad weather, visitors can enjoy the equally amazing indoor pool of the castle.

Castle Pool
The Castle Pool

Below is the world’s largest swimming pool, situated in Chile in the San Alfonso del Mar Resort. The artificial lagoon took five years and around five million dollars to make, but its yearly mainenance costs are about the same. The pool is 1136 meters (around 3727 feet) long, with its depth reaching 35 meters (114 feet) in some spots. Basically, this pool is suitable for any water sport (surfing, windsurfing, and so on). The pool contains purified ocean water.

The world's largest swimming pool

The picture below was taken at the Perivolas Hotel, Santorini, Greece, which is one of the most frequently photographed pools in the world. This very special pool has been carved into the rocks to provide a truly unique bathing experience.

The Perivolas swimming pool

The world’s largest indoor swimming pool is the Ocean Dome in Japan. The white sand, the palm trees and the sky-blue water makes us think we’re out in the ocean, but in this case, there is no need to worry about getting sunburnt or attacked by sharks and jellyfish.

Ocean Dome
The Ocean Dome

I have already introduced the pool below. My personal favorite, found in the Marina Bay Sands Resort & Casino, was opened to the public in June 2010. Check out this link for more pics and info.

Marina Bay
Swimming pool on top of the city