Brian Townsend Leaves CardRunners

A little more than a month after Cole South said his farewells and left CardRunners, Brian Townsend is now also throwing in the towel announcing his exit from the most known coaching site. Full Tilt Poker wasted no time in their announcement that they will be immediately dropping Brians unique avatar and withdrawing his sponsorship deal which was tied to his CardRunners instructor status.

Brian Townsend

Brian told in his blog on the 2nd of June that his resonation came because he felt he has been tied down to the company for too long and would like to concentrate more on playing poker. Although Full Tilt Poker has taken away Brian’s playing nick name and unique avatar which held “red pro” status. He will continue to play a Full Tilt Poker but under his old nickname “sbrugby” once again. Brian will not leave CardRunners completely and will continue to participate on the website’s forum, but not as an official instructor.

The Californian online poker pro, joined the team of the training site back in 2007. He was the most popular instructor at Cardrunners, who drawed a lot of attention to the site. As reported on the 28th April Cole South, another big name of the coaching site also left the team for similar reasons. The resonation of these two popular trainers will definitely be a big setback for Cardrunners and will come as a great loss.