Doyle Brunson on Poker Hall of Fame Nominees

After a longer break, Doyle Brunson is back posting on his blog. His latest entry deals with the nominees of the upcoming Poker Hall of Fame ballot. Taking place on 7th November, the induction of two new members into the Hall is going to be one of the 2010 WSOP Finale shows.

Brunson Blog

Brunson gives us his insightful opinion on the nominees, one by one, and makes it clear he would prefer Erik Seidel to be one of the inductees, the other being either Barry Greenstein or Phil Ivey. He addresses all of the ten as his friends and doesn’t fear to be honest about them. Daniel Negreanu, for instance, he considers too young to be inducted yet, similarly to Jennifer Harman-Traniello, while he states Chris Ferguson, although strong in three of the five criteria, doesn’t meet the other two at all.

These criteria are, by the way, as follows: “(a) A player must have played against top competition. (b) Player for high stakes. (c) Played consistently well, gaining the respect of their peers. (d) Stood the test of time. (e) Contributed to the overall growth and success to the poker games.”

Describing his thoughts in a respectful as well as clear manner, one has a hard time disagreeing with him. In the end, it does depend on the votes of the 17 members of the Hall alive as well as on those of a select few of the journalists of the industry. Which means Brunson’s opinion is more than to be considered.