Lamborghini’s Bizarre 36 Valve Yacht - Got the Need for Speed?

We’ve already got used to the fact that rich guys even use their Lamborghini to go to the corner store to grab more toilet paper, but what happens should they wish to get on water? Of course, you can drive your luxury Gallardo to the docks, but that’s as far as it’ll take you. No need to stress, though, because the new Lamborghini yacht has arrived.

Concept - Lamborghini Yacht

Created by the Italian designer Mauro Lecchi, this yacht resembles the breathtaking sexepile of the Reventon, chosen as ’the most beautiful car in the world’ last year. It could be really surprising to spectators to see you rolling up in this, as its aggressive looks make it hard to imagine swimsuit models laying on the front deck, but rather some sort of a rocket launcher.

Not only spectacular from the outside, the 15 meter long ship has enough space to accomodate a bar, a small entertainment center, a living room and two bedrooms. One of the bedrooms has its own ensuite and the other one comes with its own shower.

The ship can be customized with three types of engines, the standard being two 700HP Volvo Penta diesel engines; the more serious version includes two 950HP Seatek diesels and the ultimate ’I-don’t-know-where-to-spend-my-money’ package has three 550 HP V12 Lamborghini petrol engines. To put a perspective on petrol engines used in yachts, it’s like shooting sparrows with a cannon. The only thing that could be even more bizarre than this would have to be an oil tanker, equipped with Formula 1 engines. The use of Kevlar and carbon fiber material, reduces the weight of the vessel to ensure great speeds, but as of yet, the full specifications on top speed and price are still undisclosed.

Lamborghini Yacht

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