One Man with a 10K Poker Challenge

The 10k Poker Challenge is a blog written by the player named 10kHero who has set the goal to make $10,000 out of playing poker online. 10kHero started the challenge with only $40 in his bankroll and has been playing no limit holdem cash game online to achieve this goal.

10kHero has carefully planned and calculated how to hit the $10,000 target. According to his plan he will play between NL2 and NL200 over the time spand of a year. You can view the full breakdown of his plan in the chart and graph below.

10kHero Challenge

All progress that has been made will also be made visible through his blog postings. 10kHero also applies a good bankroll management in order to keep his bankroll safe.

If all goes according to his plan spreading over the estimated time period of a year, 10kHero will be playing around 500,050 hands with an average of 1370 hands per day. In order to play this many hands and reach his goal 10kHero will be required to multi-table up to 10 tables and play for around 2 hours and 20 minutes a day.

As mentioned before 10kHero will be using a strict bankroll management every step of the way. If he happens to fall below 20 full buy-ins at the level he is at, he will then be forced to return to the stake level under his current one. As a poker guru, I believe that using the correct bankroll management is a must for any poker player wanting to ensure their full bankroll is never lost.

The main reason that 10kHero started the 10K Poker Challenge was not only to help improve his own game play but to also help out and guide other players in becoming more profitable in their game by the use of a good bankroll management system.

To date 10kHero has already played 21,375 hands and has managed to win $102,03. This means that he has passed the 20 full buy-ins required to progress to the next stake ahead of time. According to his twitter page 10kHero has already stepped up to 5NL.


For more information about the 10kHero please visit his blog.

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