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Joe Cada in ‘The Hijack Seat’

In this latest episode of ‘The Hijack Seat’ (by PokerNews Daily), Bernard Lee interviews Joe Cada, last year’s WSOP Main Event champion.

Joe speaks about what it feels like to be back at the WSOP with all the expectations from other players and sponsors and how he has been doing this year.

Joe Cada grew up in Michigan, where he started playing online poker at 16. He soon became known as an online heads-up cash game master, but the real success for Joe came in 2009, when he managed to beat Phil Ivey and Darvin Moon among others at the WSOP Final Table. Holding only 1% of the chips at the table, Joe flattened the rest of the table and secured himself the precious bracelet.

From the interview, we can also learn which is Joe’s favorite NL hand, which was his most memorable hand at last year’s WSOP and which player he thinks is yet unknown, but will soon become a poker star.

Joe Cada in The Hijack Seat

Barry Greenstein Interview

Check out this video interview made by PokerTube with Barry Greenstein, in which he talks about his WSOP performance (which didn’t go exactly as he would have wanted) and much more.

It is always a pleasure for me to watch interviews with Barry, as he is, in my opinion, one of the most intelligent poker players of today.

One thing that we can notice upon viewing the video is that good old Barry is truly ageing, with his hair (or at least what’s left of it) and his beard being fully white now, the Robin Hood of Poker is closer to sixty than he has ever been before.  

WSOP 2010 Poker Player’s Championsip on ESPN – Episode 2

On 27 July ESPN aired the $50,000 Poker Player’s Championship as the first event broadcast from the 2010 WSOP. The Tournament of Champions was the next chapter yesterday, but for those missed it live, it will take a couple of days to be able to watch it on Until then, here is the PPC Ep2, with Ep1 in my previous post. Have fun!  

WSOP 2010 Poker Player’s Championsip on ESPN – Episode 1

On 27 July ESPN aired the $50,000 Poker Player’s Championship as the first event broadcast from the 2010 WSOP. The Tournament of Champions was the next chapter yesterday, but for those missed it live, it will take a couple of days to be able to watch it on Until then, here is the PPC Ep1, with Ep2 following in my next post. Have fun!  

Bernard Lee Interviews Gavin Smith

The latest episode of ‘The Hijack Seat’ at features WSOP bracelet winner Gavin Smith, Full Tilt Poker’s professional player.

Gavin has managed to secure his first WSOP bracelet this year, by winning Event #44, the $2,500 Mixed Hold’em tournament. With a total 507 entrants and a prize pool of $1,166,100, Smith made himself a nice $268,238 (and a very valuable bracelet, of course).

Hijack Seat

Gavin Smith was featured on a show called The Ultimate Poker Challenge in 2004, where he quickly became a favorite because of his gambler’s attitude, drinking habit and good humor. His other TV appearances included High Stakes Poker, Late Night Poker and NBC’s Face The Ace.

Having more than $4 million in career tournament earnings, Smith finally succeeded in winning a WSOP event as well.
In this interview, Gavin does not only talk about his WSOP victory; he also mentions charity work, and a very touching movie titled ‘Darius Goes West’.

Annie Duke on the Effects of HR 2267 on MSNBC

Annie Duke (Poker Players Alliance) was invited to a TV mini-debate with Tim Kelly (National Gambling Impact Study Committee) on online gambling. Her main argument is the estimated cash income, a by-product of the regulation, while Kelly nevertheless deems online poker undoubtedly harmful. 

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All In Every Hand

This is how to win a tournament!

Caution: Serious luck is needed for this kind of gameplay.  

Liv Boeree and Lauren Kling Are Under the Gun with Jon Friedberg

Jon Friedberg hosts a show on CardPlayer Tv, called Under the Gun. In this episode, he interviews two of the best female poker players, Liv Boeree and Lauren Kling at the time of the WSOP.

Following a short discussion that resembles a speed date, Jon decides to take the girls out to shoot shotguns in the desert.

Pretty Heavy Metal!  

PokerStars Game Crash

Here is a video from PokerTube showing one of the occasional cases when a PokerStars table crashes. In this particular case, all players except one are frozen out.

Definitely awkward, and there is really not much to be done, except what ’shaftamasta’, from PokerTube commented: “Copy the tournament number and send a message to support. Tell them you were frozen out of the tourney and they will look into the hand histories of the tourney that you are complaining about. The only thing they can do is refund your buy in, but if it happens in a later stage of a match where dollar figures are involved, then they have to look at your position at the time of disconnection.”

If you happen to have come across a similar situation, I suggest you take shaftamasta’s advice; simple as it is, this might well be the best course of action. To see all the comments in full length, visit the discussion forum of the video here.

Phil Hellmuth vs. Sasquatch – A WSOP ESPN Promo

An ingenious promotional video of the ESPN broadcast of the WSOP 2010. You can learn that Hellmuth can still dodge bullets and that it might be a bad idea to suck out on Sasquatch.  

MyPokerLab Tracking and Analysis Suite is Launched

Online poker rooms are all vying for players and competition is getting higher and higher, while top rooms like PokerStars or Full Tilt seem impossible to strangle. Smaller rooms desperately need constant development and initiative to stay alive on the market. One such innovation is the MyPokerLab Tracking and Analysis Suite launched by Microgaming Network’s PokerTime. Check out their site here, or see their promo video and an overview by Poker News Daily. 

Video Interview with Mike “The Mouth” Matusow

Bernard Lee asks Matusow in his The Hijack Seat segment from the 2010 WSOP. Check out the interview from Poker News Daily.

Mike Matusow Interview

Video Interview with WPT CEO Steve Heller released an interview with World Poker Tour CEO Steve Heller on the changes made to the show in the latest season. In addition to the ‘Royal Flush Girls’, Heller is talking about a “show in the show” which is going to be about giving insight to the context of the tour. Kimberly Lansing is also back to host the programme with the role of providing opinion, background and perspective. The chief aim, according to Heller, is to give the excitement of a live sport event in order to “get a new layer of devotees"

Interview with WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel has recently released an interview with WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel. Besides some advice for beginners and also regarding registration to the latter days, Effel provides insight into the way he and his team deal with the tension of organising WSOP, the ‘Olympics of Poker’. No wonder they confess to tend to get drawn into playing themselves.

Jack Effel

The Best of PokerStars' Show 'The Big Game'

PokerTube made a 2-part compilation available evoking the most memorable moments of The Big Game show. The events star among others Phil Laak, Daniel Negreanu, Jason Mercier, Joe Cada and some talented loose cannons as well.

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