The Oldest Player Ever to Participate in the WSOP Main Event is 97

Jack Ury (97) is playing in the WSOP championship the 4th time in a row, beating his own 2009 record of being the oldest player to the race. Ury made it to Day 3 with 8,500 in chips.

Jack Ury
Jack Ury

Ury is unfortunately not as good as he once was regarding his sight and hearing, thus he needs some support from his grandson. Even other players offered him assistance with his blinds and antes, as well as with raises and the flops, etc.

Nevertheless, he has been playing poker since he was 10, and it is little wonder he is still more than capable of teaching his younger counterparts a thing or two at the table – he has just won a hand to a player of about the quarter of his age.

Just as it was the case last year, when he received clapping and standing ovations upon exiting the casino, the eyes of the other palyers, as well as those of the media, are upon him; we shall see what more he has in store for us to learn from.

A memorable hand from last year's WSOP with Jack Ury:

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