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Daniel Alaei Wins WSOP Event #55 (Pot-Limit Omaha)

Daniel Alaei has won the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha Event of the World Series of Poker, grabbing his third WSOP bracelet.

346 players sat down at the tables of the Rio for the $10,000 PLO event, for a share of the $3,252,400 prize pool. Some of the big names taking part in the tournament included Anette Obrestad, David Benyamine, Eli Elezra, Daniel Alaei, Tom ’durrrr’ Dwan, Phil Hellmuth and Jason Mercier.

At the end of the first day, Antonio Paino was leading with a 240,000 stack.

By the beginning of the third day, there were only 33 players left. At this time, durrrr was leading with a 910,000 stack, but in the end, he dropped out by taking 17th place in the tournament.

On the third day, gameplay continued until it came down to the 9-handed final table.

Daniel Alaei
Daniel Alaei

Following a massive battle, Daniel Alaei managed to win the event with three of a kind, fives, thus collecting his third WSOP bracelet.

The Berlin Robbers Have Been Convicted

The German court has come to a decision concerning the attack at the Berlin European Poker Tour: the guilty have already been caught in April, and by now, the trials have also ended.

The Berlin Robbers

According to the sentence, a more than three-year penalty will be inflicted on each of the four robbers. This is quite a strict decision, considering that none of the robbers are more than 21 years old. Criminals younger than 22 usually receive a lighter sentence.

It is highly plausable, that the German court wanted to statuate an example, which, in my opinion, is a very wise decision, as crimes of this type have become a fashion since the Berlin attack.

French Players Paralyze Traffic at

On the 4th July, French poker players invaded the cash game tables at, and then they all went on sit-out, thus demonstrating against the illogically high rake structure.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, because of the French gambling regulations, PokerStars has said good-bye to its French players, and sent them to play at the site. This poker site, however, uses a much higher rake structure than its predecessor. Besides the huge amount of rake taken from each pot, French tax authorities also deduct 2% after every hand, up to €1.

David Williams and Vanessa Selbst Become PokerStars Pros

Rumors have already been circulating in the past few days, but on the 30th June it became official, that David Williams and Vanessa Selbst have signed a contract with PokerStars.

PokerStars published its official announcement on Wednesday, in which they confirm to have signed two well-known poker players to their pro team, David Williams and Vanessa Selbst. Williams used to play for Bodog Poker, but he broke up his contract this year, after winning the Main Event of the WPT World Poker Classic, which earned him $1,530,537.

ESPN’s Inside Deal with Vanessa Rousso, Dean Hamrick and Phil Laak

ESPN’s news franchise recently interviewed the fresh WSOP bracelet winner Dean Hamrick and poker pro Vanessa Rousso.

Dean is the happy winner of a $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event for $604,000, which also made him a bracelet owner. He told the Inside Deal host Laura Lane and Andrew Feldman about his feelings when winning the tournament.

Follow Durrrr on Twitter!

As we surf the Net, we can find countless celebrities registered on various community sites, but, unfortunately, most of these accounts are fake.

This time, though, the real Tom ’durrrr’ Dwan decided to create his own Twitter account. His first ever message (’tweet’, to be precise) was as follows:

"I have a twitter... Hiya"

Durrrr seems to like the idea of tweeting regularly, as on his first day he posted around twenty messages. Tom already has 4,237 followers, which is quite a big number in just a few days and he is sure to acquire many more in the near future.

Tom Dwan

Chinese Poker Thieves Got Busted in South Korea

The South Korean police have arrested a Chinese band of hackers, who stole money from online poker players in Internet cafés all around the country. 

China hackers

According to the South Korean 'Joongang', the 33-member band started operating in November 2009 and has only recently been caught. Since the beginnings, they have hacked the security systems of more than 700 South Korean Internet cafés in different locations around the country. The band was controlled by two men, 30 year-old Yu and 29 year-old Kim.

Yu acquired a Netbook Attacker program on the black market, with which they were able to launch a so-called DDos attack. During the DDos attack, computers connected to the Internet of the cafés became remotely controllable, and this made it possible for the hackers to view the hole cards of the users playing there. 

Under half a year, they won almost $50,000 from the victims. This makes a monthly wage of $250 a month per person, which might sound ridiculous at first hearing, but if we take into consideration that the hourly average wage of a factory worker in China is 75c, it looks much more tempting.

Of course, the following question can still be posed: Wouldn't it have been more beneficial if they had studied some poker strategy? Smile

How is it Going for Ziigmund? Status Update

As I have previously mentioned, Ziigmund spends most of his summer partying, drinking and sports betting. 

I have found a graph that shows all his winnings and losses in 2010, and I considered it worth sharing with you all. His year has been pretty exciting so far, with huge upswings and rapid losses. In March, for example, he was up by more than two million dollars, most of which he managed to lose until the end of April. 

He currently has around $208,000 in winnings, but he also had a shorter period when he was down by one million.

Ziigmund 2010

British Bookies Reward Lampard's Goal

If you are following the 2010 World Cup, you must remember Sunday's match between England and Germany, where, although Lampard scored a completely unambiguous goal, the referee did not award it to the English team. 


Betting companies William Hill and Ladbrokes, however decided to provide the winnings for all the people betting that Lampard would score against Germany. 

Bwin and PartyPoker: to merge or not to merge?

In December last year, rumors arose that PartyPoker and Bwin plan to join their networks, and speculations started that the two companies will agree on a Bwin – PartyPoker merger. 

At that time, both companies refused to confirm that talks of a merger were really ongoing. 

Party Poker - Bwin merger

Later on, the Austrian press reported, that the merger talks between Bwin and PartyPoker were not successful, and the merger will not come true after all. This was due to a statement made by Hannes Androsch, the chairman of the Bwin supervisory board, stating: “It is true, that talks with the English company ultimately did not lead to the desired outcome.” 

Shortly after this, Bwin issued a statement saying that Androsch had been “wrongly quoted” and corrected his statement to this one: "It is true, that up until now, talks have not lead to any specific outcome."

We do not yet know anything else for sure, but I will keep you all updated if any news comes to surface in connection with the matter.

Phil Hellmuth Still Needs to Learn Manners

Although he had hired a sports psychologist, Phil Hellmuth still has very serious problems with his temper when it comes to live poker tournaments. 

His last fit came when he got eliminated at the WSOP event #46, $5000 Pot Limt Omaha. What happened is that Dave Ulliott, a.k.a. Devilfish busted him by hitting an Ace high flush on the river. After this, Phil stood up and started screaming. He called Devilfish all kinds of nasty names, like a f***ing idiot, because he didn't fold his flush and straight draw on the flop. 

Phil Hellmuth

He then left the table without shaking hands with anyone, while Devilfish happily collected Phil's stack. Phil does not mention the incident on Twitter, all he says is that he played well and did not make mistakes.

Ziigmund Neglects Poker and Loses Huge Sums Betting Instead

Ever since May, Ziigmund has almost completely disappeared from the poker scene: he hasn't logged in at Full Tilt Poker more than two times and he also neglects live tourneys.

According to the Finnish poker pro, he is only having a little summer holiday and will soon return to the poker tables. Because Ziigmund is a serious gambler, he withdrew part of his bankroll and made several deposits at various sports betting sites.


This year's World Cup has not really been easily predictable, and this might be the reason why Ilari has lost more than half a million dollars. According to him, he is planning to view the grand finale in Johannesburg.

Let's just hope he will still have some money left to cover his travel expenses. Smile

PartyGaming and PokerStars Also Acquire French Gaming Licenses

PartyGaming and PokerStars were donated gaming licenses within the second wave of licence approvals, as published by the French gaming regulator ARJEL on Friday.


PartyGaming has received licenses for five of its sites, including PartyPoker and PartyBets.

PokerStars is from now on also licensed to offer online poker in France on a legal basis, with its subsidiary, Reel Malta acquiring group accreditation from ARJEL. 

The second wave of licence approvals also included the French casino group Partouche, and also Chilipoker.

Phil Laak's Endurance Record Has Unofficially Been Broken

Earlier this month, Phil Laak set a new world record of non-stop poker by playing 115 hours straight.

A few weeks later, an enthusiastic group from Austria decided to break this record.

The group consisted of seven players, led by the German actor, director and screenwriter Max Kruckl. Their aim was to play poker for 150 hours straight.
Having started on Saturday, 19.06.2010, the event was available on the group’s website for everyone to follow and has ended on Thursday, 24.06.2010. 

record breakers

PokerStars Introduces Restrictions on Online Poker in France

On the 24th June, PokerStars ceased to offer its services to French customers. This is another effect of the newly intorduced French regulations on online gambling. 

Earlier this month, gaming licenses have been granted by the French Authority of Regulation of Online Games (ARJEL) to sites like Everest Poker, BetClic and Bwin. In the meantime PokerStars, Microgaming, 888 and Party Gaming were denied licenses, despite the fact that these companies are among the largest ones in the poker industry.


At this moment French players are unable to play poker on PokerStars main site and they can read the following message upon logging in: “All money in PokerStars accounts is 100% safe and is available for withdrawal. You can choose to cash out now if you prefer.” 

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