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888 – French Licence Granted

The waves of poker licence donations in France go on, as the French Gaming Authority, ARJEL, has given permission to the 888 network (joined together with Microgaming) to operate their online poker sites in France.

The first operator that will launch on this network will probably be ‘La Société Française des Jeux sur Internet (SFJI)’, most likely under the brand ’200pourcentpoker’.

With this, 888 becomes part of the group of sites that are allowed to provide online poker in France, including PartyGaming, PokerStars, Bwin, Everest Poker, Betclic and Chiligaming so far.

Three Out of Four Mizrachis Are Still In

Amongst the most amazing phenomena of the WSOP 2010 are the Mizrachi brothers, all of whom having made it to Day 4. Although only three of them entered Day 5, their achievement is already more than remarkable.

Michael Mizrachi
Michael Mizrachi

Halfway Through the Main Event – the Bubble has Bursted

On 13th July, the fourth day of the World Series of Poker Main Event, 747 players could let out a huge sigh, being the ones profiting from this year’s Main Event.
Having started with 7,319 entrants, the Main Event will run for four more days in July, and continue with the 9 remaining players in November.

This year’s bubble boy was Tim McDonald, who, at the moment of his elimination, was applauded by 747 poker players, most of whom madly started shaking hands as soon as they realized they were finally ITM.

Tim McDonald was not left without compensation: he has secured himself a free entry for the 2011 Main Event.

Tim McDonald
Tournament Director Jack Effel was the one to congratulate Tim

"Let's give a nice warm round of applause to Tim McDonald. Because of you Tim, 747 players are now all in the money. You, my friend, have an automatic $10,000 entry into the 2011 WSOP Main Event on behalf of the World Series of Poker” said Effel.

Conspiracy at PokerStars’ DoN Tables

A group of Asian players chiefly from Hangzhou were caught cheating at PokerStars’ Double or Nothing Sit & Go tables. Between November 2009 and January 2010 they profited around $750,000.

Poker Stars

Johnny Chan Seems to Be Back

Despite endless criticism on behalf of his younger fellow players regarding his age and ’obsolete’ game style, Johnny Chan is once again among the top dogs after Day 4 of the WSOP Main Event.

Johnny Chan
Johnny Chan

PokerStars Red Carpet Party

On the 11th July, the WSOP came to a one-day break, and PokerStars made sure no one would get bored by organizing a Red Carpet Party.

Undoubtedly, the biggest attraction of the event was a 45 minute long performance by the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg

Antonius and South Still Survive on the Main Event

Several high stakes cash game players bought themselves into the WSOP Main Event and some of them are definitely here to stay for a while.

Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius

Even though big names like Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey had bad luck, other cash game pros, including Patrik Antonius and Cole South still survive, in spite of their own assessment of feeling less confortable at the race poker tables.

After Day 3 South is 27th and Antonius is 118th of about 1240 remaining players. Nevertheless, the Finnish player stated that he is still not very keen on championships, for the mundane reason of despising sitting in one place for too long. Fast-paced cash games are more of his style; yet, he has already collected a respectable sum of about $3 million in different poker tournaments.

I can’t wait to see how they will fare against the ’real’ pros of tournaments on their own ground this time.

Betfair Poker is to Join Ongame Network

According to a press release just published, Betfair Poker merges with the global network of Ongame by the end of July 2010.

Betfair  Ongame network

Betfair stated that the union comes with several advantages for the loyal players of the room, including the organisation of even more cash games, as well as software development. Everyone is supposed to find their calculations at Betfair, fish and sharks alike.

“From now on Betfair Poker players will have a greater supply of games at all times of the day. Both companies have also really committed to developing their functions,” Daniel Svard, head of Betfair Poker stated.

Ongame Network, 6th largest online poker network owned by Bwin, is also optimistic on the future of the cooperation: “In the long run Betfair is an ideal partner for us. Betfair is a respected, technically mature brand. We are very delighted to welcome Betfair’s players and know-how in this highly competitive market.”

Frank Kassela is Within Reach of the WSOP POY Title

The chances of depriving Kassela of the title of WSOP Player of the Year are close to zero; since his closest rival, John Juanda is out of the Main Event, there are in effect only mathematical odds to beat him.

Frank Kassela
Frank Kassela

Full Tilt Poker Has a New Red Pro

WSOP $10.000 PLH bracelet winner Akos ’Luigi’ Kwaysser (HUN) is contracted by Full Tilt Poker. Luigi made it to Day 3 in the Main Event with 81,900 in chips, already in the colours of his new sponsor.

Akos 'Luigi' Kwaysser
Akos 'Luigi' Kwaysser

The Hague: Poker is Not Gambling

At the Court of Justice in The Hague poker has recently been judged not being a gambling game, according to Dutch laws.

In 2006 commenced a lawsuit in the case of players who were accused of organising illegal gambling, poker to be precise. Despite poker had been considered gambling since 1998, the Court thought it otherwise and dropped the charges.

Peter Plasman
Advocate Peter Plasman

A General Strike is About to Break Out on

The model had been set up at the French PokerStars site, and players of now following suit by planning to paralyze cash game tables this Sunday. The strike is already under planning on 2+2.

As I have mentioned in the post linked above, players at have to pay a larger amount of rake, than players at Clubpoker organized a strike, and on the 4th July the French players invaded the cash game tables at to go on sit-out, thus protesting against the high rake fees. 

PokerStars strike
Click to enlarge

On the 2+2 forums, another strike is planned to be held, but this time on Their main goal is to represent solidarity with the French, although several other goals have been discussed. One of the organizers; ’real fix’, for example, would recommend the following slogan: 

"We cannot keep playing against the French and Italian fish. Please join our global strike!"

The strike will be held on Sunday, 11th July (4-7 pm GMT). The organizers are requesting the players that choose to join the strike to buy in at ten cash game tables with one tenth of their bankroll (if, for example, we have $1000, we should sit down to 10 NL1000 tables). This is to make sure that the strike does not only affect micro-limit tables. 

WSOP Main Event – We Have the Exact Numbers!

As I have mentioned yesterday, the number of World Series Of Poker Main Event participants was an estimated 7,000 players. 


Well, here is how the numbers exactly worked out for this year’s Main Event: 

Day 1a - 1,125

Day 1b - 1,489

Day 1c - 2,314

Day 1d - 2,391

These add up to 7,319, the second largest WSOP player field of all times, the first one being 8,733 players, reached in 2006.

PokerStars WCOOP Schedule Available!

2010’s World Championship of Online Poker is scheduled to start on September 5th, with a total of 62 events to be held. 


The opening day of the WCOOP will feature the $215 NLHE Six-Max event, a $10,300 NLHE High Roller Tournament and a $215 Two-Day event. 

The $5,000 Main Event will be held on 26th September at 17:00 ET. 

The tournament schedule basically features all the popular poker variants and buy-in amounts, so that every player will surely find several suitable tournaments to take part in. 

Below, you can find the full preliminary schedule for the 2010 WCOOP:

WSOP Main Event Bound to Have Over 7,000 Players

As I have hinted earlier, already at the beginning of the WSOP Main Event it was estimated to house over 7,000 participants.

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