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Wall Street Trading Firms Recruiting Poker Players

A new era has begun, when it comes to trading firms scouting for new talent to add to their team of professional Wall Street traders. Giving up the old conventional ways of looking for new Wall Street recruits, firms are now switching the focus on poker skills rather than business experience or connections. This new phenomenon of trade companies hunting down poker pros does not come as a surprise to many. With most firms now acknowledging that a poker player lacks in-the-field experiences, they easily make up for it in their quick decision-making and their number-crunching abilities.

Wall Street Trading Firms and Hedge Funds Looking for Poker Players

Do You Like Soccer?

For those of you that haven't seen the Nike's 2010 World Cup "Write the Future" commercial, here it is. It really is quite amazing, full of hard tackles and tricks, visions of the future, celebrity cameo appearances, and a killer soundtrack. Enjoy!

Never too Late to Pump Iron - A 72 Years Old Bodybuilder

In our day-and-age where obesity has unfortunately become a global pandemic, one man is showing us that self-discipline can be the key to living a healthy lifestyle, even at old age. The 72 year old former ‘Mr. America’ Jim Morris is turning heads and dropping jaws with his ripped and buff body, leaving many speechless.

Jim who has been bodybuilding for close to a century now is showing no sign of slowing down. He has a strict work out which he abides by and manages to fit in all in an hour a day, six days a week. But this is not all; Jim also watches what he eats as well. His diet consists of a vegetarian’s line up of vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and he does his best to avoid all meats and cheeses. For all his hard efforts over time, Jim has the health and physique of a 20 year old. 

Is the iPad Suitable for Playing Online Poker?

Steve Jobs, one of the biggest IT gurus of our time, showcased and released a new product for his company Apple this January. The iPad, the bigger brother to the iPod, could not only have a positive effect on Apple’s sales, but maybe also on online poker.

iPad and online poker
Is Steve Jobs ready to give up Apple and begin a poker career? Smile

Basically, the iPad is a bigger and better performing iPod and considering this it makes it a prime launch tool for online poker. The screen has a dimension of 9.7 inches and supports the resolution of 1024x768, about the same as a reasonable price netbook. But where the iPad comes out stronger is with its sleek and ultra-thin design, as well as touch capabilities.

Nissan GT-R: The Supercar Executer without the Heart Stopping Price Tag

The GT-R produced by Nissan was first released in Japan on December 6, 2007 and it wasn’t until March of 2009 that it arrived on the shore lines of the rest of the world. The Nissans GT-R also known as the Godzilla is truly an engineering master piece designed from the ground up. Either it be, form it sleek aero dynamic design, to its intelligent computer system with launch control, everything about this car reeks of Supercar status.

Nissan GT-R

Dubai, a Sin-Free City

Unlike Las Vegas, the city of sin and lust, where anything can happen, Dubai has clamped down on tourists to abide by their strict Muslim rules. Just in recent times, these laws have come under the spotlight with hundreds of tourists striking trouble (and even jail sentences in several cases) because of their so-called improper behaviour.

Dubai - Atlantis Casino
The Atlantis Casino Resort in Dubai, one of the best attraction for tourists

Recently published by the British Foreign Office was an article relating to the ’Dos and Don’ts’ when traveling to Dubai, to not only make the public aware, but also bring the ever uprising problems to a halt.

Old Man Dancing - Freaking Hilarious

I was checking one of my favourite blogs the other day and I run across this really hilarious video. I found it so funny that I really wanted to share it with my readers.

You have to check this old man busting out his moves at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last year.

Also worth a view if you haven’t already is my previous article and video about the oldest poker player.

White Zombie - The World’s Fastest Electrical Powered Car

For years now we have always heard and thought that electrical cars will never be able to produce as much power as a fossil fueled powered car, but this is all set to change. John Wayland the developer of the White Zombie, an electrical powered 1972 Datsun 1200 2-door sedan is busting this myth and doing it in style, challenging the v8 petrol heads on the drag strip.

The White Zombie a full electrical powered 1972 Datsun is the world record holder for the fast street legal electric vehicle and runs the 1/4 mile at an impressive 11.4 seconds @ 114 mph, which is just as fast as a 2006 v8 Chevrolet Corvette. The Datsun optimized for 1/4 mile runs, rather than range is also a proud member of the "100 mph Club".

Win an Aston Martin DB9 Coupé!

The winner of PartyPoker’s latest promotion ’Drive the Dream’ will be given the keys to drive home an Aston Martin DB9 Coupé from London Grand Final, of an estimated value of $150,000. Besides the car, other valuable goodies are also up for grabs.

The PartyPoker Drive the Dream promotion will run from 27th April to 12th September 2010 and you can qualify for the London Grand Final on the 2nd October.

Become the Governor of Texas

Get ready for some great entertainment in Youda's new game, the Governor of Poker. Just being a newbie at this game my first impression where Wow! What a creative and exciting platform to relax a play some fun Texas Hold’em Poker. The Governor of Poker is not like any other poker game I have ever played and definitely stands out with its uniqueness.

Governor of Poker

Still in the Game After a Century - A 106 Year Old Poker Player

I was just browsing the net yesterday when I stumbled across an intriguing and inspiring video of a 106 year old man who still enjoys the occasional poker game.

Ruben Hopper from Pawnee Country, Oklahoma, was born on August 13th 1903 and was raised on a farm being one of 17 children.

Rush Poker - The world’s fastest on-line poker game

Got the need for speed? Do you always like been in the action? Then Full Tilt Poker has the solution for you, with its Rush Poker game. Rush Poker launched on the 19 January 2010 is designed to be an action packed fast poker experience, with the means for players to set their own pace.

Exclusive to Full Tilt Poker players, the new format gives the player the option of “Quick fold” if they are unhappy with their hand. Quick fold enables the player to move onto a completely new table with a new hand (chosen at random from a pool of players). Quick fold makes a player able to choose their own pace without waiting for the other players. Rush Poker is truly a fast paced game and is like playing several tables at once from the one table. Rough estimates calculate that a player could achieve around 250-275 hands per hour per seat. Also having the opportunity to have 8 seats going at once, there will be no lack of entertainment.

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