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Norwegian Sports Superstar Accompanied by Beauty on the WSOP

Norwegian sportsman and national hero Petter Northug is participating in the 2010 WSOP – and his spectacular girlfriend has also come along.

Northug (24) is world-class cross country skier with 9 world cup winnings and 7 additional podiums, but most notably double Olympic Champion (along with one silver and one bronze medals) of the Vancouver Olympic Games 2010. He won the 50 km classic and, with Øystein Pettersen, the team sprint races.

Petter Northug
Petter Northug

In addition, he has several champion titles from the Norwegian National Championships, the FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski - International Ski Federation) Nordic World Ski Championships as well as from the Junior variant of the latter. Northug is a sports hero of Norway, and thus received considerable media attention upon entering the 2010 WSOP.

No less were the reporters interested in his girlfriend, Rachel Nordtømme, an athlete herself, whom they considered to be “possibly the breast Girl on the Rail we've seen at the 2010 WSOP.” Indeed, the spectacle is worthy of the hype, and so are a number of other players’ sweethearts.

Rachel Nordtomme
Rachel Nordtømme railing at the 2010 WSOP

The Oldest Player Ever to Participate in the WSOP Main Event is 97

Jack Ury (97) is playing in the WSOP championship the 4th time in a row, beating his own 2009 record of being the oldest player to the race. Ury made it to Day 3 with 8,500 in chips.

Jack Ury
Jack Ury

Friends Classic Poker Scene

Who couldn't remember the classic scene from the TV show 'Friends' series 01 episode 18, the friends playing poker for the first time? Well, in case you couldn't, or you haven't seen it at all, here is your chance, a nice refreshment on this summer weekend.

Don't forget to check out the rest of the poker scenes - or the whole episode for that matter...

Friends Poker

Phil Hellmuth – In and Out

Once again, Phil Hellmuth felt he needed some extra attention when he enters the Main Event of the WSOP, and this year he decided he would dress up as ’The Ultimate Fighter’. Below, you can see his more-than-ridiculous entrance video. I just wonder how UB give their name to such an outright corny act?

Italian 'Serie B' Changed to 'Serie Bwin'

Online betting company Bwin is to sponsor Italian football league Serie B, from now on running under the name of Serie Bwin.

serie b logo
Former Serie B logo

Casino and Swimming Pool on the Top of the City

Playing poker is tiresome. So why not chill out on the top of Singapore?

The Marina Bay Sands Resort & Casino, opened in June 2010, consists of three 55-stories buldings, four levels of which are dedicated to gambling and card games. The facility, built from around $6 billion(!), of course provides luxury accomodation in its 2560 suites.

Marina Bay Sands Resort & Casino

Introducing One of the Best Inventions in the World

Andes, being one of the leading beer brands in Argentina, has now come up with an idea never seen before. They have invented a special booth, called the Teletransporter.

The Teletransporter will make Argentinian men’s lives much easier from now on. They will not have to argue with their girlfriends or family about going to the bar again.

This is how it works:

Let’s say you’re at a bar, having drinks with your friends and your phone suddenly starts ringing. It is your girlfriend and ONCE AGAIN you forgot you were supposed to have dinner with her parents. The solution is as easy as it can get: just step into the Teletransporter situated in the corner of the bar, choose a suitable environment (the hospital, for example) and answer the phone. All you have to do is make up a relative with a serious illness that you are visiting and the Teletransporter will handle the rest. How comfortable is that?

Argentinian Football Star Verón is the Latest Addition to the PokerStars Pro Team

PokerStars has announced last week, that the Argentinian football player Juan Sebastián ‘Brujita’ Verón has also joined the line-up of PokerStars Ambassadors.

Juan Sebastian Veron

Verón plays at the South American team Estudiantes de La Plata, and is currently attending the World Cup in South Africa, as part of the Argentinian national team.

“It is truly a pleasure for us to have Verón as an Ambassador for His sporting and competitive spirit embodies the values of our brand and we feel very proud that this great soccer player decided to represent the number one poker site in the world” said Sarne Lightman, managing director of PokerStars Latin America (LAPT).

The Team PokerStars Ambassadors line-up already includes: Boris Becker, Sebastien Chabal, Mats Sundin, Sami Selio, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Gael Monfils, Gianluigi Buffon and the newly recruited Juan Sebastián Verón.

PokerStars Signs a Deal with the Spanish Basketball Federation

PokerStars has recently officially announced that they will sponsor the Spanish Basketball Federation and the Spanish national team for the time of the upcoming FIBA World Championship, held in Turkey this August. The sponsorship agreement has a time frame of 12 months. According to the contract, PokerStars will accompany the Spanish team throughout its national tour and the World Championship.

Spanish National Team

This deal provides the opportunity for PokerStars players to win special tickets through online tournaments to basketball games throughout the year, also including the championship.

"Our client PokerStars is very proud to become sponsor of the Federación Española de Baloncesto. Being a global brand, this is a significant opportunity to join a leading sport. PokerStars sponsors numerous teams and sportsmen of international standing and being able to co-operate with the World and European champion is an exciting project by which to convey values like excellence, competition and fair play," said Juanjo Marquez, CEO of the agency representing PokerStars in Spain.

Durrrr Has a Good Time in a Vegas Penthouse

Tom 'durrr' Dwan is quite busy at the WSOP trying as hard as he can to retrieve a bracelet, but to make sure he stays in a good mood throughout the whole series, he manages to put some time aside for partying. This video that I have recently found on gives you insight into one of his crazy nights at Las Vegas, drinking shots and posing for the camera. Smile


Virgin Reaches For The Stars - Are You Up For It?

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut or had the feeling just to get out of this world (without using drugs)? Well, Virgin has an aswer for you. Virgin, known for having its hands in many industries, such as Virgin Music, Virgin Poker, Virgin Money, Virgin Racing (they have their own car in the F1, the main sponsor being Full Tilt Poker), Virgin Blue Airlines, now embarks on a new exploration into space with Virgin Galactic.

Virgin Galactic has just recently released its first public space shuttle, given the extraordinary space exploration name ’SpaceShipTwo’.

Click here for larger image

Passengers will not only be able to see Earth from a different perspective, but will also experience weightlessness at a cruising speed of 4200 kilometers per hour. The SpaceShipTwo has room for two pilots and a total of 6 passengers.

Volcano Wristwatch Inspired by Eyjafjallajökull Eruption

Romain Jerome only needed one month after the eruption of the Icelandic volcano to put his own design into a wristwatch. The Eyjafjallajökull-DNA is a completely absurd piece, the dial and its decorations are made of real ash and rocks retrieved from the erupting volcano and in case you doubt the authenticity of the rocks, a certificate is supplied with each watch sold, ensuring ‘quality’. The hands symbolize airplanes avoiding the lava storm, and as always, there are no numbers to guide us with the time.

Volcano DNA Watch

With its lava bubble indent and all the harsh and gloomy-looking material, this watch is not a Rolex, rather a monster on steroids. This is where it begs the question: Who the hell is going to buy this?

Take That Phil Hellmuth :-)

Although Phil Hellmuth certainly dominated the poker world scene from the eighties until the beginning of the 21st century, his popularity these days lacks that of a truly respected poker professional. With the combination of his claims to be the best in the world and his constant childish behavior, he has become increasingly difficult to bear and tolerate.

So when it comes to a chance to see Phil Hellmuth fall flat on his face you can rest assure that there will be no lack of spectators lining-up to poke fun at him. This was the case in a recently non aired episode of the popular PokerStars show ‘The Big Game’.

Phil Hellmuth

In the episode which is still waiting to be aired on TV, it shows how the poker amateur Ernest Wiggins (the Loose Cannon) had a lucky strike in his hand to humiliate Phil Hellmuth by crushing him.

Ziigmund and Power Poker Appear in a New Finnish Rap Video

Ziigmund known as a party animal doesn't let his reputation down in the latest Finnish rap videoclip,  which also features Power Poker. The videoclip named Pojat On Poikii featuring Elastinen & Spekti was published yesterday by Rähinä Records and was made by Uniikikki, a well known Finnish rap band. As per usual the rap video features hot girls, fancy cars and a ton of cash.

"The video tells the story of how the guys go out to spend the night with Ziigmund. First it's all champagne and pretty ladies until things finally get out of hand. It's completely over the top with all the hip hop cliches included! It's just a funny story, we're not out to offend anyone," Uniikki explains.

The four and a half minute video was shot at the Burleski Club, in a penthouse and on the night streets of Helsinki.

"We filmed rap-video two weeks ago and Its out now...Its really cool I think and everybody is happy now....Power Poker was producer/sponsor etc etc...Rapper is Uniikki feat.Spekti and Elastinen and Im some fcking host or special guest or some like that..Those guys are top rappers in Finland...Filming was super funny and there it is..its fcking hot....warning for girls dont squirting and get 20 orgasm in a row," says Ziigmund in his latest blog post.

Personalized Number Plates at the WSOP

Pokerati, the popular poker blog posted a recent article containing some photos, about personalized number plates from poker players' cars. Of course they all contained poker related terms showing the car owners' love of the game. One of the plates is from Scotty Nguyen's car. I think you can guess which one. Smile

Check out the photos posted on Pokerati.

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