Poker Taught at the the University of Ottowa

Students at the University of Ottawa can now take a class in one of the most popular card games in the world, poker. The course mainly focuses on No-limit Hold'em and Pot-limit Omaha, but evidently the concepts taught there can be applied to other forms of the game too. Probability and Games of Chance: Poker 101 is a very popular course, the maximum 200 students enrolled for it at the Canadian college.

Nick Schulman Wins First Poker Masters Tournament

The first $50K event of the inaugural season of the Poker Masters just concluded, with American poker pro Nick Schulman topping the 51-player field and pocketing just shy of a million, $918,000 for his win. Whoever amasses the most in prize money across the five PM events will win the Purple Jacket.

Molly's Game & the John Hesp Movie - Poker is Coming to Theaters Everywhere

The next big-budget poker movie is on the way: Molly's Game, the directorial debut of the Academy Award-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin is opening on November 22nd. Meanwhile, WSOP Main Event finalist amateur John Hesp accepted the offer of a UK film studio who are making his story into a movie.

Liv Boeree on the Biases of Poker Players

British poker pro Liv Boeree appeared on an educational YouTube channel with almost 2 million subscribers "Big Think", where she talked about four biases people tend to have in everyday life that can also hurt them very much at the poker table. Watch the video below.

Daniel Negreanu is Betting On Himself Again

Negreanu's excited about PokerGO's upcoming Poker Masters, a five-event high roller tournament series starting this Wednesday, September 13th. He often claimed in videos posted on his YouTube channel that these are the types of projects that are "good for poker". To make it even better and more exciting, he took up a $50K prop bet against 19 players that he'll be the one receiving the inaugural Purple Jacket, going to the best player in the new high stakes series. The last similar prop bet DNegs made before the last WSOP did not go very well for him.

Doug Polk Challenges Tom Dwan to a $5 Million NLHE Heads-up Match

In a semi-serious video Doug "WCGRider" Polk offered a $5 million heads-up challenge to Tom "durrrr" Dwan - does this duel have any chance of happening?

Fedor Holz Joins Partypoker

Partypoker just signed a giant poker star: Fedor Holz is joining their team of sponsored pros - although that wording is questionable since the German player has retired from professional poker according himself, so he's a mere recreational player with a major room's sponsorship, technically.

Will Kassouf's Sick Slow Roll with Quads

Will Kassouf put on quite a show on Live at the Bike's $5/$10 cash game. After his opponent named Derek put him all-in with 8's full of sixes, it took Kassouf 3 minutes of ceaseless speech to call and show his quad 6's that he had made on the flop. Watch the video below.

Prop Betting Reality Show Debuts Tomorrow with Host Joe Ingram

The new on-demand streaming service PokerGO, who recently re-launched the classic poker show Poker After Dark is debuting a brand new reality show. The program will feature big name poker players like Daniel Negreanu and Antonio Esfandiari taking on entertaining prop bets  - they can win big money if they succeed, but they will have to endure embarrassing punishments for losses. Your host is going to be Joe Ingram.

Tom Dwan and Dan Bilzerian Play Cash Game Together in Las Vegas

Tom "durrrr' Dwan made a triumphant return to Poker After Dark a few weeks ago - the event was streamed live from the Aria Casino in Las Vegas, NV. It seems though durrrr took a liking to the venue, since this week he was playing high stakes cash games in the casino again - with none other than the "King of Instagram"  Dan Bilzerian. The unique event is attested by Jean-Robert Bellande's Twitter feed, who posted a photo of the card game.

New Jersey Priest Claims He Collected Child Porn to Revenge God for Poker Losses

Many major news organizations wrote about this story that originally was reported by the Associated Press: Rev. Kevin Gugliotta, a Catholic priest who was serving at the Holy Spirit Church in Union, NJ was sentenced to jail for collecting and disseminating child porn. According to pretrial reports and his defense attorney he did what he did to revenge God for running bad at poker tournaments and cash games.

Patrick Leonard's Questionable Angle Shooting

"You got it" - this usually means a player mucks their hand and forfeits the pot. Or, in the case of Patrick Leonard it means that he wants to elicit a reaction form his opponent that he can use as a tell, or even to make him muck his hand. Even the 2+2 forum community is divided on whether this was just tricky "speech play" or "a scumbag angle shooting".

Mayweather Delivers as Heavy Favorite at Sportsbooks

The "money fight", Mayweather vs. McGregor, held on the weekend in the gambling capital of the world Las Vegas grabbed the attention of virtually everybody in the world, including high stakes poker pros. The great people at put together a compilation of who bet on who - and while overall more bets were placed on crowd favorite McGregor, the cardplayers overwhelmingly went with bookie favorite Mayweather, and as you are probably aware, got it right.

Pill Hellmuth Takes Down the $50K Heads-up Championship Title

Phil Hellmuth triumphed in Poker Night in America's King of the Hill heads-up championship after beating Doug Polk in the semi-final, then defeating another online heads-up specialist, Daniel "Jungleman" Cates in the final for the full $200K prize pool.  

PokerStars Doesn't Hate You - Isaac Haxton Thinks Otherwise

A strange article appeared on US Poker Magazine's website with the title "Is PokerStars Extending An Olive Branch To The Poker Community?" last week. The piece claims that a lot of Stars' recent unpopular changes were put into motion by the former owners, the Scheinbergs before Amaya took over; and later points out the measures PS took to mitigate the negative backlash. When GPI owner Alex Dreyfus tweeted out the story, however, online poker pro Isaac Haxton who was sponsored by PokerStars till last year had some harsh words to say about it.

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